The project was born from the support of Moon Seeker Gallery,
which has an ideology in supporting Thai designers and artists as well as preserving the culture, folk wisdom and the arts and crafts of Thailand for future generations.

The idea for this project first began during the period of unrest in 2013 to 2014. This tumultuous time drove Moon Seeker to want to present works of art that will stimulate the people of Thailand to realize the importance of unity and the Monarchy of Thailand. The gallery tasks 4 artists and designers with using the folk wisdom of Thailand and resources from the 4 regions of the country to create treasured pieces of jewelry. These pieces should represent the unity and harmony of the country’s people. To fully realized this artistic goal a new material was created especially for the task. This never before seen material in the jewelry field is called “GILVER”, forged from the fusion of Gold and Silver. Its unique characteristics fits perfectly with the objective of this project.

TRIMODE ACCESSORIES is working under the southern region , Som-Rom collection.

His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej has always stressed the importance of unity and harmony within the country and among its people. This concept of different groups of people living together in harmony is very similar to the Sothern’s “Som-Rom” agricultural fusion philosophy, which is based on the cohabitation of different things resulting in benefits
for all.

The word “Som-Rom” is a southern word that means to fuse, combine or blend. “Suan Som- Rom” is therefore agricultural
fusion. It is an agricultural practice based on a concept from
His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej in creating a sustainable and resilient livelihood following the “sufficiency economy” philosophy.

The jewelry in this collection was forged from
the inspiration of “Suan Som-Rom”. The principle of mutual coexistence between plants, for example, the planting of Mangosteen, which does not like direct sunlight, under the shade of Durian trees, was used throughout the pieces. This is akin to the mutual understanding and acceptance of each other’s differences that has been a great part of the Thai culture for so long.
Many of these philosophies of cohabitation, along with different parts of the southern vegetation’s forms found in “Suan Som-Rom”,
were combined using new production technique to create 8 tangible contemporary pieces of jewelry.

April 2017