At Trimode Accessories, we strive to make every piece of jewellery long-lasting in terms of emotional value, as well as in terms of physical quality. Our focus is on creating timeless pieces of jewellery that outlast current trends and fads; unique products that will remain special and precious to the wearer for years to come. Our desire is that each piece of jewellery we make will retain its beauty and magical story for many generations, becoming a much beloved heirloom.


The “O-Ring” collection of Trimode Accessories represents a design mechanism for unique, personalized jewelry. The jewelry is akin to a frame for retaining sentimental value, recording stories, and preserving memories in every individual moment.


O-RING is a revolutionary new jewelry system by Trimode Accessories that allows for creative, personalized jewelry-making using an O jump ring. This system simplifies the process of jewelry making by utilizing a ready-made industrial part and unlocking its creative possibilities, allowing for unlimited potential in design and customization. By connecting people to these new possibilities, O-RING offers a unique way of expressing creativity and style.


Trimode Accessories creates high-quality pieces of jewelry designed to last with elegant and timeless style. We source the best materials, carefully craft each piece by hand, and create bespoke pieces in collaboration with customers. Our goal is to make jewelry that will become cherished heirlooms for years to come.